I’m totally changing my photo of the day.  I like the poppy one but I should of went with this one.  I ordered some usuzukuri (raw fluke) at the sushi restaurant tonight.  It was garnished with some fish eggs.  After eating the fluke I liked how the left over eggs looked swimming in the yuzu & soy sauce.  Now instead of eating I’m taking abstract photos with my droid. I wouldn’t let the waitress take the plate away until I was “done” with it.  I will leave the other picture up because I couldn’t make up my mind.More of the poppy.   It was tough choosing a picture because they looked exactly the same as the ones I took of these poppies last year.

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One Response to 5-17-11

  1. Lynn says:

    Your first photo initially made me think I was going to read a discussion on some sort of bacteria–too much medical background coloring my interpretations, I guess! Glad it was from a great meal instead of something awful invading your kitchen! The poppy is gorgeous-thanks for including it!

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