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4 Responses to 5-12-11

  1. Lynn says:

    Love this picture–it is so quirky and fun! Tell me how you set it up? What is that skeleton made out of?

  2. Carolyn Mancuso says:

    Great shot! This one, I would buy from a gallery. Seriously. Of course, I would hang it in my son’s room, or in the basement, so my staid suburban friends don’t disown me, but… 😉

  3. Lynn says:

    Oh yeah; I’m with Carol. It immediately made me think of my oldest son’s fascination with everything ghoulish when he was in elementary school. We used to have haunted houses set up in our basement every year at Halloween. My son costumed his little brother and a couple of friends, set up lighting and music, and invited the neighborhood over to get scared! I wish I was on my son’s friend list so I could share this picture with him! (At age 20 they don’t always want you to be their Friend.)

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