Not a good way to start the day.  Bye bye Macbook.  Looks like I’ll be posting pictures from my wife’s laptop from now on.  I’m too upset to type anything else.

















except April fools!!!

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3 Responses to 4-1-11

  1. Tracy P. says:

    Good one! I realized it when I started to see white space. I thought even you wouldn’t have grabbed your camera that quick (if at all!). Was empathizing big time because it was like looking at my own keyboard–identical. Have fun today!

  2. Lynn says:

    Too funny! I got a kick out of the idea of this happening as I am sitting at Starbuck’s with my laptop open and my coffee mug COVERED and way off to the side (my biggest fear: loss of my laptop before my thesis is completely done!)

  3. Sandy says:

    Phew ~ you got me. I had milk spill all over my mac laptop keyboard and screen so I could totally feel the pain. Cute shot and a great one for April 1.

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