Today’s post is music related.  Digging for records is something that I’ve always liked to do.  So here is some of the fruits of my labor in mix form.  Give it a go, maybe you’ll like.

bob & earl – (pickin’ up) love’s vibrations (uni)
helene smith – you got to be a man (phil l.a.)
buddy guy – a man of many words (atco)
david camon – i can’t believe i ate the whole thing (moonsong)
harry deal & the galaxies – walrus (atlantic)
smokey robinson – do like i do (tamla)
tribe – smoke (part 1 ) (abc)
wolf – papa was a rolling stone (constellation)
terry callier – you goin’ miss your candyman (cadet)
syl johnson – any way the wind blows (hi)
ernie andrews – fire and rain (phil l.a.)
shuggie otis – aht uh mi hed (epic)
toussaint mccall – i’ll do it for you (ronn)
derrick harriott – born to love you (crystal)
spring – pressed ham (london)
lucifer – old mother nature (invictus)
the pioneers – railriders blues (blue velvet)
traveling tornados – walk out (sound of memphis)

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