A warm thursday equals a trip to the flea market.  This means I can take pictures of cool stuff and maybe buy something too.  I wouldn’t be mad if there where some records for me as well.

Bonus picture.  Self portrait in front of a Kojack mirror!!!  Should of bought it.

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3 Responses to 2-17-11

  1. Lynn says:

    Haven’t been to a flea market since I was a teenager! What a great place to find treasures (both visual and material). Are those stamps or typesetting pieces in the photo? The mirror is great–but you might’ve gotten sick of Kojack after awhile!

  2. primemundo says:

    I believe they are typesetting pieces. Get sick of a Kojack mirror? Is that possible? I sent a picture text to my wife telling her I bought this for the house. She was not amused.

  3. Tracy P. says:

    Oh my gosh, that is funny. That’s what I love about photography. You can have everything you want for free, and it takes up no space! The textures in that first one are so rich. Great one. Two.

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