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4 Responses to 2-16-11

  1. Lynn says:

    Hey, are you cheating here? Is this actually a photo of a real-life thing? 🙂 My favorite color(s)–blues! (So what is it?)

    • primemundo says:

      It’s a Tiffany glass globe that i shot in the dark with a black light shining on the table. It’s actually two photos I stuck together.

      • Lynn says:

        It’s very cool! BTW I just was reading our Intro document and you say you are a chef on the Jersey shore. I go to school in New Jersey (sort of–I’m a distance student here in MN) and will be going out to “lovely” Newark in May to defend my thesis. How far are you geographically from Newark? Maybe we should check out your restaurant if it’s not too long a trek from the school and from NYC where we will, no doubt be visiting my husband’s sister.

  2. primemundo says:

    The restaurant Is in Long Beach Island which is about 2 hours away from Newark. Just north of Atlantic city.

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