As I stated before, I’m a big fan of records.  I’m always on the look out for them.  I went to a record show last weekend and met a dealer who said he had a store filled with records.  Sweet!  After reading a review of his spot which said it was like Sanford & Son with records, I knew I had to check it out.  Well the review was spot on.  It would take me days to go through.  I might have to call in some reinforcements.

Caution falling record zone.  Yes, that’s me standing there.

Arielle, my digging partner, amusing herself with her nintendo ds while I search.

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One Response to 2-13-11

  1. Lynn says:

    When I saw the picture with Arielle (your daughter, I am assuming), it brought back a memory of how my dad would take me downtown with him on the occasional Saturday to visit used electronics/parts stores, looking for items for his ham radio hobby. They were places big on content and low on ambiance!–shelves filled with capacitors, resistors and other items that I was clueless about. I would kill time while he would search through the (always) dusty shelves for various “treasures.”

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