As the venerable Ice Cube once said, “You can’t play with my yo-yo”

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6 Responses to 1-14-11

  1. Julie says:

    Great perspective!

  2. Tracy P. says:

    That’s a great capture. I want to know if you managed to frame that while she was in motion or if you made her “freeze”–that yo-yo is just too perfectly placed! 🙂 Either way it’s fantastic. (Signed, a mom who would totally make her kids freeze for a shot like that)

  3. primemundo says:

    You’re talking to a guy who re-lit her birthday candles for a better shot. This time I took about 20 shots. Thanks god for digital, because that would of been a waste of film.

  4. Jeff says:

    Very daring shot! You did end up with a great composition.

  5. primemundo says:

    Thanks. When she nipped my lens I knew the shoot was over.

  6. Tracy P. says:

    OK, good, we’re on the same page then. 🙂

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