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That’s one spicy meatball. Advertisements

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My buddy told me there was a record store at the mall that actually sold vinyl records.  I’m not a huge fan of malls.  Why would I be?  There’s really nothing there that appeals to me.  Like I really need … Continue reading

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First of all, I should have made my cappuccino before attempting to capture the rainbow like reflection on some bubbles.  My wife was still in bed and my daughter was downstairs playing little big planet on the ps3, so I thought … Continue reading

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Another late night photo session.  Low light with my daughter’s fushigi ball on a cd.

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Another after midnight photo session in the snow.  It’s always so serene when it first starts snowing.  Braving the elements, I rattled off a few shots before my camera got wet. This photo of the road in front of my … Continue reading

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Arielle’s first day with braces.  Cha-Ching!  Took this picture while we were still at the office.  By the look on her face she doesn’t know what she has in store for the next 2 years.  Hope all goes well.

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I live about a mile from the bay.  This time of year most of the boats around here are wrapped in this blue shrink wrap that I find to be very photogenic.  Not their purpose but it works for me.

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